My choice….

My first reaction: WOW! That’s it. Someone out there has said it all. Fantastic. About time we show the men that it’s a woman’s world now! I was chatting with my friend Mona who happened to mention this video. She said, “What the hell? Who are these women? And what are they saying? This could lead... Continue Reading →

Memories… the little things that makes them special

It's amazing how long back you can remember. One of my first memories is that of my pre-nursery teacher! And, although I do not remember her name or her face, I remember her pastel colored sarees and the fragrance of her perfume! I remember saying my action nursery rhymes and then having strawberry jam sandwiches... Continue Reading →

India’s daughter… no more…

No! It’s not always been this way. No! The Indian society wasn’t always a sick one. No! Women were not always, and are not always treated with disrespect and objectified – but, today – things are different…  The Bollywood impact. The lack of education. The taboo on sex education. Personal and professional frustrations. Lack of... Continue Reading →

Good grief! (2013)

Good grief! by Aradhna Sethi Posted on November 30, 2013 by When Women Waken — 5 Comments ↓ Isn’t it strange… most of us never want to feel the sorrow of bereavement, and yet at some stage we have to. For no one we meet, know and love is immortal. Yet the mind – it... Continue Reading →

Bikini Talk (2013)

Yes! That's one for the ladies, and I know I've kept some of you waiting and perhaps wondering if I chickened out of this topic... Naah! Actually, I forgot! I got so involved with healing my shoulder post a bad injury that all I did in the last few months (autumn 2012 until summer 2013)... Continue Reading →

Change… (2012)

It wasn't as if I'd been unhappy in my job - I mean - who minds getting 'moolah' for a job that pays more for less and gives you all the flexibility you need. But then, there were things annoying me - these included: . Getting more for less (sigh! the guilty conscience kept placing... Continue Reading →

Stop the madness! (2011)

So I heard, I read, I burned with furious rage. Then a sort of helplessness descended upon me. I was shocked at how ruthless and seemingly just my thoughts around public humiliation, mutilation and torture - could be. I hesitate to put those thoughts here – not for the fear of what the readers may... Continue Reading →

Love me insanely! (2011)

We all dream of that – don't we? Insane love, love unto death and all the mush that romance novels have fed us over the teen years and even beyond... How many of us get it? And more important, how many of us acknowledge it – even to ourselves? Isn't there always "a little more"... Continue Reading →

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