Another new beginning…

Isn’t that what life’s all about? You live, you learn, you unlearn – and you make a fresh start with a new beginning – sometimes eliminating the past entirely – but most times, building a now and today based on a then and yesterday.

For those entrenched in and shrouded by their past, this blog may be rather useful in its different ways and methods of handing self, going through – and coming out – of situations new or jarring or stale and boring. For those open to new experiences and change – the blog will provide interesting turning points.

I am open to and – would like to invite you all to comment freely. Just no abuse. This is a blog which reflects my views and personal gatherings through the walk of my life. Things that bring me to tears – be they tears of joy, sorrow, laughter or sheer stupidity. The point remains – I have shared here glimpses of life – not just my life – but glimpses shared by so many of us. Some at a conscious level – and others that lie below the surface waiting to raise be noticed.

No one said life is fair. No one said life is a cake walk.

Life is…

… at times turbulent

… constant change

… perhaps a torture that one must grin and bear

Most of life I believe is…

…pure joy

…to be lived and experienced to the fullest

… to be enjoyed to the hilt – through all circumstances

Life is a blessing.

And hey, there’s only this one life you will remember until Alzeimers, dimensia, death come to great you  😉

So live it up!

And with this little piece, I begin my new blog. So feel free to drop in and check the madness here!

And please feel free to comment right here, right away – on ay post you choose 🙂


Please share your views with me!

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