When faith dies…

When faith dies.. All hope is lost

What you were to me, had you realized, you would have mourned your loss today

Her carefree attitude brought peace, solace, and hope, while your words of wisdom took my troubles away…

I walked the line as taught by you – with blind faith in you,

While behind my back years later I found – a total stranger in you!

I applauded your achievements

With your hallo of success –you would never let us down…

But here I am – with broken faith and eyebrow marked with a frown.

People, relationships – they all metamorphose

What’s remains constant is change…

But when it’s the garb of deceit that falls,

You have no clue what lies in exchange!

Hell breaks lose

The fire of rage surges

Stripping your soul right through

With the flames of disgust it merges

The head hurts

The heart aches

The mind is numbed with disbelief

Despair, darkness, doubt…

You wonder why?


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