Bring in the new!

2015 - it's come, and gone! Just as quickly as the years preceding it! In a nutshell, this year has been one full of ups and downs, surprises and shocks, highs and lows... no different from many of the years bygone - and yet so different, so unique and so special. I bet everyone has... Continue Reading →

Life, Spice & More!

Please join me and encourage me in my new venture... a dream since I was a teenager... a dream I'd like the realisation of... Soon! Real soon! LIKE my page and watch out for more! Life, Spice & More      

Cooking with the Kids, Indian Style!

Learning to cook up a few fantastic dishes can help your kids read, do math, and hone their motor skills in a fun and productive way! You simply need to make sure that the instructions are clearly typed in an easy-to-read size and format. See that you are equipped with the proper measuring and cutting... Continue Reading →

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