Bring in the new!

2015 – it’s come, and gone! Just as quickly as the years preceding it!

In a nutshell, this year has been one full of ups and downs, surprises and shocks, highs and lows… no different from many of the years bygone – and yet so different, so unique and so special.

I bet everyone has a tale to tell. A story to listen to. Experiences to learn from. Success that egg you on. Failures that ensure a better route. And so much more…

For me, I will simply focus one last time on 2015. Gather my thoughts and emotions. Let go of what soon will be a part of my past. Let go of attachments and detachments alike.

And then, with a last flying kiss of gratitude towards 2015, I will step out of the old and embrace the new, what will be my ‘now’ as I run through yet another marathon of the next 12 months – enjoying and embracing each moment as it will never come back again! Not in this life!

I wish you all a fantastic new start into 2016!

See you again – soon!

Thank you 2015!

One thought on “Bring in the new!

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  1. Time passes by quickly. Around 30th Dec we realize year passes by even more faster. Well written and indeed everyone must have judged the year by now, good, average, super, and what not. In reality, year is just the space, and how much we grab it should be the used to grade the year. The experiences indeed sets up stage for next year.
    Looking forward to embrace the new year, with all the good and positive energies. Hoping to make new friends.

    Aradhna, wish you and every one in your family a super happy new year!


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