It’s Snow Time, Folks!

It’s Snow Time, Folks! Please check out Mothering Matters for the published online version of this article and more…

Crisp, clean, white and bright… with sunny blue skies and the freshness of nature – that’s what the Swiss winters are mostly about! There’s something magical in the air – a kind of happy and warm feeling that ensconces you. Add to this the wafting smell of apple cinnamon rings – and joy-oh-joy – the simple pleasures of life are enough to turn a cold winter into a beautiful feeling of happiness all around.

Being in Switzerland adds an outdoor charm – be it to a warm summer or a cold winter, to the freshness of Spring or the colors of Autumn. One of my family’s all-time favorite is Melchsee Frutt with its Blausee, which truly is blue, fantastic wanderwegs (walking paths) that run across the mountain range, traversing the four lakes at different levels.

This mountain resort village of Melchsee-Frutt, Kerns is situated in the Canton of Obwalden. The heart of the village is located at an elevation of 1,920 meters and the base station, Stöckalp, lies at 1,080 meters above sea level. The three peaks: Erzegg, Balmeregg and Bonistock reach the heights of 2,150, 2,255 and 2,160 meters, respectively. The winter spreads its sheet of white, turning it into a winter wonderland where the pristine slopes await skiers and frozen lakes serve as ice-rinks and sledding areas.

Alpine or cross-country skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hiking, paragliding and fishing – you can do it all here. Equipped with chairlifts, T-bar lifts and gondola lifts, you can pick a destination of your choice cross the 32 acres of lift-accessible terrain.

A family holiday

A day trip or a weekend – Melchsee Frutt is sure to bring you fun and adventure. If you’re driving down (direction Luzern), please check the snow conditions. You can park your car for the day at Stöckalp and take the cable to the Sportbahnen Melchsee-Frutt or the chairlift Cheselen.

The ambience has an air of understated luxury and calmness. You can’t help but sing “The hills are alive…” The clatter of skis and the chatter of busy mums and dads and enthusiastic kids fills the area with a sense of completeness and completeness. You could simply go and just – BE.

The views are gorgeous, access is easy and the activities are plenty. So naturally, it’s a popular destination among the locals. Book your ‘ferienwohung’ or hotel room fairly in advance if you’re planning a weekend or a longer stay at Melchsee-Frutt. There are various offers available for group and individual bookings. Check out for more information.

If you’re a beginner or want to hone your winter sport talents, you could enroll yourself or the kids at the Swiss Ski and Snowboard School. The Sportbahnen is well connected to the different lifts that take you to the various ski slopes with different inclines. For the adventurous, a visit to the obstacle park – Fruttpark would be fun (though I haven’t been there yet! Perhaps, this winter!)

If you want to simply chill out and take it easy, snowshoe walking is a simple way to soak in the winter sun and amazing views. Walk across or skate across the frozen lakes here. A simple stroll will reveal the pristine beauty of this mountain range. Take along sleds for the kids, or hire them locally.

If you’re lucky and the weather is conducive, you might be able to register for ice fishing!

Don’t miss out on the typical Swiss fondues and Bratwurst available at the restaurants. And the hot fruit punches are a fantastic option for those who want to stay clear of alcohol-based beverages.

After a good day of skiing, walking, hiking or sledging, luxuriate at one of the many Spas at the hotels.


Enjoy each moment and click your happy memories in style!

Aradhna is the former chief editor of Swiss News and has been a consulting editor for other English language publications. An aspiring author, she blogs and writes while balancing the demands of growing kids and her entrepreneurial husband. Read her at: Follow her on Twitter: @AradhnaSethi.




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