It’s been a while

And the reason for my long silence is 2-fold!

One is the fact that I went for a Vipassana course – hence the lingerings of “nobel silence”.A story that will be coming soon – and not on a serious note!

The second reason is the publishing of my book – my debut book!

I am on a merry-go-round of excitement, joy, bliss, nervous tension and so much more! I can’t believe my dream has actually and finally come true.

Available in E-book format, the hard copy of “The Entrepreneur’s Wife” will be released on Amazon end of May.

So, watch out! And please do get your e-copy and put in your much-valued star-ratings on


final changes
My debut book!

2 thoughts on “It’s been a while

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  1. Congratulations once again for the book. Waiting for the print ed.
    For the other post, vipassana, I am really looking forward to see the way you sum it up here. The sheer vastness of its experience somehow makes it a difficult topic to write upon. (In my opinion) It will be an art to select a thread to begin with and build your experiences on it.
    I am sure you cannot write anything on a serious note on Vipassana.



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