Things that keep me going…

Thank you, Universe!

When I look back, I realize how far I’ve come – emotionally, and if I may, add to an extent spiritually. Like any other person, I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows – but then, that’s what life is about, isn’t it? That’s what living is all about. And that’s what makes you evolve as a person. Now, once again and way too soon, my birthday is around the corner. A wise man – my father-in-law once told my husband, “After you hit 30, years seem to move on at a faster pace. Once you hit 40, and by the time you realize you’re actually in your 40s and approaching the 50s, another 20 years would have flown past with what seems just the blink of an eye.” Firmly in my 40s, I totally get that. And that’s why a look back at the last speedy decade-and-a-three-quarters.

Gratitude, love and acceptance

  • My book, “The Entrepreneur’s Wife: A Survival Guide” says it all. My hopes, my frustrations, getting on and going beyond… Yet again, I look back to say, “Thank you, Universe, for all that you brought to me, and brought me to.”
The debut book that led me to recognition and honour
Had it not been for my husband, Anil Sethi’s vision, perseverance and sheer guts to quit a corporate job in a foreign land and carve his own entrepreneurial path; my turning author would have been further delayed. And then came my new venture with a set of three other women – ‘Namaste Switzerland’. Another great venture to learn more about entrepreneurship up close and first-hand. Teething trouble and smooth sailing – well, they go hand in hand.

Relationships and equations

  • Kids heading into double digits and teen years: Wow! It’s amazing. On the one hand, I have more time; they are more independent. Yet, on the other hand, as a parent, I realize I am more concerned about their future, their morals and values – and I endeavour to constantly be a better parent – and the best one for my kids. I’m blessed. I must’ve done something right along the journey.
What I learnt through my journey of over 10 years is something that you can read and virtually experience in my book available at Amazon. I promise you, despite some proofreading errors and dropping of lines – you’ll laugh and cry as you move along one page after the other – one experience after the other.
  • The husband – he takes the credit of giving me enough to write a book, and – he is the one who has taught me the lesson of patience and perseverance through turbulence and uncertainty. That said, he hasn’t always been the easy and calm one! Which again taught me the lesson of patience and hope. Along the years, our equation has strengthened with love and trust, mutual respect, and the freedom to pursue our dreams together. For me, these are the four legs that support the seat of any blossoming relationship.

Loss and moving on

  • Losing my parents was not easy to deal with. And even through my grief of having lost my father 13 years after the demise of my mother, I noticed that losing my mother was felt far more intensely than that of my father. With all due respect to him, I know I loved and continue to love both my parents dearly; but what mama and I had – in terms of bonding – was way greater than what papa and I shared. But it wasn’t always this way. I remember I was much closer to him through my college years. I can say for sure – they were both equal recipients and givers of love, respect and acceptance. It was only when mama passed away suddenly, that he became a changed man. A man who was not the father I had grown up with all along. He was a hollow shadow of the man I trusted.
Equations evolve and change. There is nothing good or bad about it. Emotions and relationships are as fluid as water, as solid as lead, as colourful as a rainbow, as grey as slate – but never perpetually black and white. The metamorphose, move, change – seldom do they remain.

Looking ahead with positivity

Here are some lessons well taught by a mother, well learned by her daughter, and hopefully, will be well transmitted to her kids:
  • Don’t do anything you’re likely to regret.
  • Don’t cry over spilt milk
  • Life’s not fair: change what you can, learn to live with what you can’t change
  • Believe in yourself and go with the flow
  • Accept with grace
  • Give with generosity
  • Live like there’s no tomorrow
  • Dare to dream and live it up
  • Smile and watch the world smile back at you
  • Be positive and radiate that exuberant feeling – you will draw what you give.
  • Forgive and be honest with yourself when you need to be forgiven. Ask for it! There’s nothing to lose…

The only constant in life is ‘change’. When the times get tough, remember, this too shall pass.

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  1. Well said!! I can echo nearly everything. Having known your father more than your mum, I agree he never really got over her loss. So yeah looking forward to hit the 4 oh… Thanks to your write up!!


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