We Women.

Woman power, Frauen power, the rise of the woman, feminism, the bra-burners,  battle of the sexes, fighting gender inequality and bias at all levels – salaries, senior corporate roles, board positions, politics – I’ve been hearing of it for decades now! But never as loud and clear – and almost ‘trendy’ as now. From women wanting to voice their MeToo moment to those coming out with the injustices mett out to them, from those being accused to have”slept their way to being boss” to those who’ve actually made it all alone on their own steam without male support and, quite literally, no sleep. It’s all coming out in the open. It has been for a long time now.

Set your minds and inhibitions free – the time is NOW!

Role models in the making, following a lady mentor – the talk and actually walking the talk has all been going on for a while, too.  Have we really made any radical, long-term positive changes at all? Depending on what time period you’re considering – yes to an extent and no.

But that’s not quite the point I am trying to make. It’s not about the results or the winds of change. It’s about each individual mindset and the ability to make it happen. Perhaps – that’s what I want to get at as I write my mind and feel free to comment in my personal space – without the ‘fear’ of being judged.

Chances: to take or to give

I just checked out some feeds on social media and found yet another woman-oriented event. From politics to entrepreneurship – there are courses, talks, intellectual and strategic sessions, motivating speeches, mentoring for everything. Targeted at women. And, sometimes, targeted towards male-dominant sectors, to encourage and give women a chance (something I am not a fan of “giving a chance” – it’s not about “giving someone chance just because she is a woman”, but “giving a person a chance because she may show the capabilities you are looking for – without attaching a gender bias: oh, she’s just a mom, or a housewife at heart, or distracted because she has to also run her home”). 

To my mind – what really matters…

I believe it is the attitude and confidence of the woman – each individual, independent woman. Her will to express her freedom of thought without being judged by another based on her gender. Her need to know, feel and acknowledge her strengths. And the encouragement of those close to her in her journey into a professional life – whatever route she desires to take – corporate, investigation, legal, political, entrepreneurial – whatsoever – the sky’s her limit. Yes, if she wills it and wants it – and gets focused, the world truly is her oyster – just as it is for a man.  

The decision to take that step should be hers. The decision to soar or swim, glide or slide, make or break should also come from within her – within her heart and mind, with an element of logic and practicality.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that the talks and lectures, session and speeches are ineffective. They ARE effective. Promoting them on social media is also effective to get the word out there. But the most effective and efficient way to get there to attend the idea-generating events is, to my mind, by way of introspection. Do I want to get there? Do I want to be the one? Do I want to take my chances? 

The answers to these lie within you – and no amount of external stimuli will know you better than YOU. Look within and find your answers. 

And if your answers are ‘yes’ – then get out there, arm yourself with the knowledge and support offered by the numerous ongoing events, support strategies, networking – and spin the pearls in your oyster! 

Woman – there’s no stopping you if you’re committed to your beliefs.

Illustration credit: Indulge New Indian Express

Just a thought… 


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