For an Effective Home-Office

COVID19, Cornonavirus Crisis - the Chinese bug - call it what you may; the fact is that the whole world is under pressure. Self quarantine and self discipline is the call of the times. Yet, work cannot be brought to a halt altogether! We need to pay our bills, we need our salaries and freelance... Continue Reading →

Arranging the Digits

Diligent Innovative Genuine... Immediately Transitionable...  Aligned Logical  Integrated... Zone-in! Accurately Target Ideal Online Networks That’s what DIGITALIZATION is all about!  Of course, there is more – numbers, algorithms, time and frequency sheets, bots, pings, etc. But the bottom line is – it’s still all about communication in simple, elegant, easily digestible formats.  It’s about conveying the impact and aligning it to the expectations of your audience. It’s about... Continue Reading →

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