Constantly  changing, modifying, rejecting and accepting personal views and view points –  I see myself as an ever-evolving woman , happily embarking on her extremely precious journey of life each day.  As I walk in time, I learn, unlearn, build and break – only to rebuild and move on.  Sounds serious? Naah, not quite! I’m a crazy mix of the shades and tones of rainbow and neon colours – sharing my moments of joy, reflection, sorrow and fun on this blog. Among the millions of voices, mine may be drowned… but it might just be heard! And it might make that tiny positive difference in someone’s life – somewhere beyond!

Whoa! I just realized – I’m every woman… it’s all in me (singing along… relating to Whitney Houston’s melody in part ;))

On a more grounded note: I’ve been a journalist in print and radio, an editor in different roles – and have now moved from writing to earn a living, to writing for me and those who care to read 🙂

On the personal front: I am the wife of a passionate serial entrepreneur, who is am exemplary source of encouragement. My two children are the joy of my life and make me feel blessed and blissful. 🙂

So please read on and put in your thoughts! Let’s see what comes of this new arena I’ve ventured into!



Please share your views with me!

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