Watch me… it’s all out there…

Strange as it may sound, the fact is - I am camera shy. But courtesy what I call "the hidden camera skills" of S. Bose, I took the courage to not only view myself as an outsider but also share this clip on my Blog. Book readings and presentations have never made me nervous - ... Continue Reading →

Death kills a person, social media kills the soul…

People aren’t here to stay! And that’s a hard, harsh fact. Another harsh fact is that this write up is not for the sensitive. It's a hard piece without and emotional charge - so pray stay away from marking out my thoughts with labels of sentiment or use the sensitive gauge. My emotions remain unquestioned... Continue Reading →

Rise of ‘Dear Diary’

I remember how my mother used to encourage me to write each day. It all started with mum telling me, “Let’s write a letter to ‘Dear Diary’ and tell the diary about what happened through the day”. Slowly, in my teens, it turned from just a routinely matter-of-fact report to situation-specific emotional analyses of my... Continue Reading →

#MeToo: The wave. The movement.

Impact: awareness. Hopefully, with an added sense of boldness and a diminishing sense of blame and shame… When it started, #MeToo was about sexual harassment at work. Whether you were a secretary, a struggling actor, a pop star, a teacher or a colleague, many seemed to have ‘been-there’, ‘seen-it’, averted-it’. Harvey Weinstein’s decades of abuse... Continue Reading →

THERE, I said it out loud!

I have many local and international friends – all interested in the Indian culture and food. I remember, at one point,  I thought to myself, “I am an ambassador of India in my own way. I have the power to make an impact and influence what others think of India”. Then, I officially turned Swiss.... Continue Reading →

Stop blaming your kids… Face facts!

Once again, I feel sick as I hear the constant, incessant set of complaints: Oh God, it's the kids again! There's always so much to do with children! When will they grow up? Me-time? Haah! Couple-time? What's that again? Yes, women are often told to not be harsh of themselves. To not judge themselves. To... Continue Reading →

Humility reflects glory!

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Ms. Smita Purushottam - the Indian Ambassador to Switzerland. I must admit, I have interviewed ambassador's of different countries in the past. Most of them say pretty much the same things. So, I was obviously expecting an interview on similar lines. But things were different! For one,... Continue Reading →

Holi Hai!

Indian festivals - they always made me revel in my past singing just that one line - "Wish we could turn back time.... to the good old days..." (21 Pilots - album 'Stressed out'). Yes - just that one line. Whatever the festival - it always brings back the fragrance of the pooja-thali, the mouth-watering... Continue Reading →

Launching another book!

This time, it's a children book. Available as an EBook for Kindle on Amazon. It's all about magic, love, values and trust. Three children find a swan who is being treated badly. But did they really find a swan? Or was she someone special. Read more to find out... Created for kids, my own children... Continue Reading →

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