Stop blaming your kids… Face facts!

Once again, I feel sick as I hear the constant, incessant set of complaints: Oh God, it's the kids again! There's always so much to do with children! When will they grow up? Me-time? Haah! Couple-time? What's that again? Yes, women are often told to not be harsh of themselves. To not judge themselves. To... Continue Reading →


Humility reflects glory!

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Ms. Smita Purushottam - the Indian Ambassador to Switzerland. I must admit, I have interviewed ambassador's of different countries in the past. Most of them say pretty much the same things. So, I was obviously expecting an interview on similar lines. But things were different! For one,... Continue Reading →

Holi Hai!

Indian festivals - they always made me revel in my past singing just that one line - "Wish we could turn back time.... to the good old days..." (21 Pilots - album 'Stressed out'). Yes - just that one line. Whatever the festival - it always brings back the fragrance of the pooja-thali, the mouth-watering... Continue Reading →

Launching another book!

This time, it's a children book. Available as an EBook for Kindle on Amazon. It's all about magic, love, values and trust. Three children find a swan who is being treated badly. But did they really find a swan? Or was she someone special. Read more to find out... Created for kids, my own children... Continue Reading →

Catching up with me

It’s been a while now since I blogged. No one to be blamed here, expect I, me and myself. But there have been reasons ranging from busy guest and holiday schedules, to cricked neck, pulled arm, nerve-wrecked leg and more. However, since I'm back on track now – let me begin with where I left.... Continue Reading →

Danke vielmals!

For featuring me on the front page - and inside! Being a journalist provides ample excitement. True. But being on the other side of journalism... being covered 'by' the media instead of covering 'for' the media is a different ball game altogether. It gives you the thrill of accomplishment - however big or small. It... Continue Reading →

Becoming Swiss: a fun ride!

Becoming Swiss – if your partner is a foreigner in the country, too – is far from child’s play. Other than the obvious prerequisites of having a clean criminal record, financially sound background with all dues and taxes paid, insurances in order, etc.; you need to be truly integrated – linguistically and socially. And you... Continue Reading →

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