Sustainability & impact: buzz words or competitive edge?

We are becoming aware of our actions, and those of our predecessors. Better late than never! And this awareness leads to a natural desire to make a small change or contribution towards the environment and/or people from a less privileged society (arising out of guilt or of true consciousness to better the planet, adherence to... Continue Reading →

Waah, Ustaad!

Zakir Hussain: the legend needs no introduction… mic drop. At 68, he looks younger than his years. His eyes shine bright, his smile is warm, his ‘namaste’ is dignified and down-to-earth, his handshake is confident, and his energy is palpable even after his long flight from the US to Switzerland. Just before the show -... Continue Reading →

For an Effective Home-Office

COVID19, Cornonavirus Crisis - the Chinese bug - call it what you may; the fact is that the whole world is under pressure. Self quarantine and self discipline is the call of the times. Yet, work cannot be brought to a halt altogether! We need to pay our bills, we need our salaries and freelance... Continue Reading →

Arranging the Digits

Diligent Innovative Genuine... Immediately Transitionable...  Aligned Logical  Integrated... Zone-in! Accurately Target Ideal Online Networks That’s what DIGITALIZATION is all about!  Of course, there is more – numbers, algorithms, time and frequency sheets, bots, pings, etc. But the bottom line is – it’s still all about communication in simple, elegant, easily digestible formats.  It’s about conveying the impact and aligning it to the expectations of your audience. It’s about... Continue Reading →

Thanks a million!

Digital media is everywhere today. It is seemingly the solution to everything, from keeping traditional industries relevant to creating new and innovative ones.  Having worked in social media for traditional industries like development agencies and foundations as well as digital media for the luxury sector, which wants to leverage digital world, while retaining the perception... Continue Reading →

Random musing

I met a baby today...After a long time - a baby who was just born 6 months ago...He beamed, smiles and gurgled...He held my hand.I held it back in mine...My thoughts bemused me as I felt a pang of nostalgia and rushed through a series of the time left behind...Not just to the Time where... Continue Reading →

It made me sit up. And take charge!

That one incident. That one hug. That one emotion... Year 2018 was drawing to a close. Christmas had been merry and 2019 was just about 24 hours away. I was in Iceland with my family and friends. Nature was being kind. The Nordic lights lit up the skies in colours of unimaginable intensity. The dance... Continue Reading →

We Women.

Woman power, Frauen power, the rise of the woman, feminism, the bra-burners,  battle of the sexes, fighting gender inequality and bias at all levels - salaries, senior corporate roles, board positions, politics - I've been hearing of it for decades now! But never as loud and clear - and almost 'trendy' as now. From women... Continue Reading →

Things that keep me going…

Thank you, Universe! When I look back, I realize how far I've come - emotionally, and if I may, add to an extent spiritually. Like any other person, I've had my fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows - but then, that's what life is about, isn't it? That's what living is all... Continue Reading →

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