It made me sit up. And take charge!

That one incident. That one hug. That one emotion... Year 2018 was drawing to a close. Christmas had been merry and 2019 was just about 24 hours away. I was in Iceland with my family and friends. Nature was being kind. The Nordic lights lit up the skies in colours of unimaginable intensity. The dance... Continue Reading →


Thank you for accepting and publishing this post @thrive: A woman of few words... Thank you, Ariana Huffington and team, at Thrive Global. Read on:

We Women.

Woman power, Frauen power, the rise of the woman, feminism, the bra-burners,  battle of the sexes, fighting gender inequality and bias at all levels - salaries, senior corporate roles, board positions, politics - I've been hearing of it for decades now! But never as loud and clear - and almost 'trendy' as now. From women... Continue Reading →

Things that keep me going…

Thank you, Universe! When I look back, I realize how far I've come - emotionally, and if I may, add to an extent spiritually. Like any other person, I've had my fair share of ups and downs, highs and lows - but then, that's what life is about, isn't it? That's what living is all... Continue Reading →

Watch me… it’s all out there…

Strange as it may sound, the fact is - I am camera shy. But courtesy what I call "the hidden camera skills" of S. Bose, I took the courage to not only view myself as an outsider but also share this clip on my Blog. Book readings and presentations have never made me nervous - ... Continue Reading →

Rise of ‘Dear Diary’

I remember how my mother used to encourage me to write each day. It all started with mum telling me, “Let’s write a letter to ‘Dear Diary’ and tell the diary about what happened through the day”. Slowly, in my teens, it turned from just a routinely matter-of-fact report to situation-specific emotional analyses of my... Continue Reading →

#MeToo: The wave. The movement.

Impact: awareness. Hopefully, with an added sense of boldness and a diminishing sense of blame and shame… When it started, #MeToo was about sexual harassment at work. Whether you were a secretary, a struggling actor, a pop star, a teacher or a colleague, many seemed to have ‘been-there’, ‘seen-it’, averted-it’. Harvey Weinstein’s decades of abuse... Continue Reading →

THERE, I said it out loud!

I have many local and international friends – all interested in the Indian culture and food. I remember, at one point,  I thought to myself, “I am an ambassador of India in my own way. I have the power to make an impact and influence what others think of India”. Then, I officially turned Swiss.... Continue Reading →

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