Thanks a million!

Digital media is everywhere today. It is seemingly the solution to everything, from keeping traditional industries relevant to creating new and innovative ones. 

Having worked in social media for traditional industries like development agencies and foundations as well as digital media for the luxury sector, which wants to leverage digital world, while retaining the perception of being ‘traditional and timeless’, I wanted to create something in the realm of digital media that could be inclusive… something that enabled people to be more than passive consumers of media and become active stakeholders and contributors in conversations about things that matter to them. And so, when the timing was right, I finally met three young women who shared my vision. In 2017, Namaste Switzerland was born. 

Namaste Switzerland was the only platform created with the intent to connect, inform and integrate expats (starting with Indians, as I am of Indian origin) in Switzerland. To give them a platform to share, learn and create value. At the time, our vision was not to get the maximum readers or the maximum revenue. It was simply to have the most meaningful conversations about people transcending cultures, fighting stereotypes, discussing hurdles or challenges and emerging integrated and comfortable in their new homeland – temporary or permanent. From trailing spouses to entrepreneurs, dealing with job hunting issues or those of schooling, integrating into the activities across Switzerland, that could enable expats to meet and network with each other and come upon a meeting ground with the Swiss. In a country where 1 in 4 people aren’t Swiss, this is hardly trivial. 

We did something uncharacteristic in the world of digital media, where the constant message is to create and maintain ‘The Buzz’. We decided to stick with the traditional values of ‘content is king’ and the idea of collaborating for a better purpose, keeping it simple, yet providing a deeper engagement. There were temptations, frustrations, high points and plain lack of motivation – but we as a team did not compromise – neither on stories nor on ever delaying the launch date of an issue – come sickness or travel. We did not take a break.

Working relentlessly, we grew from a team of 4 co-founders to an extended team with over 20 contributors within 3 years.

  • We all maintained content quality.
  • We built credibility.
  • We did not lose sight of our aim to serve as a platform that connects, informs and integrates…

There is no easy revenue coming our way. Yet, we go on! Contributors write about what they feel strongly about. They take ownership of this constantly evolving channel of communication.

And, a month before turning three, our site Namaste Switzerland crossed one million views!

Thank you to the million and more of those who visit, contribute to, spread the word about, and take ownership of Namaste Switzerland.

And thanks to digitalisation for enabling us to touch the lives of so many of you, all over the world, in such little time!


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  1. “Aradhna taught me conversational English, which helped me with my new job. She trained me in handling phone calls, asking questions and giving information as a receptionist. She taught me how to write simple emails to our international guests and clients. After our sessions, she supported me for a few months when I could simply call her and ask for help if I was not sure about a certain task.
    Aradhna is friendly and professional “
    Döndü Arikan


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