Rise of ‘Dear Diary’

I remember how my mother used to encourage me to write each day. It all started with mum telling me, “Let’s write a letter to ‘Dear Diary’ and tell the diary about what happened through the day”.

Slowly, in my teens, it turned from just a routinely matter-of-fact report to situation-specific emotional analyses of my thoughts and feelings. My writings turned more serious – not heavy, but just letters to myself and my diary with more substance – introspection, observation… pretty similar to the story of Jerusha ‘Judy’ Abbot, the protagonist in Jean Webster’s epistolary ‘Daddy Long Legs’ (1912).

It was just last week that I read the novel for the second time – each time receiving a different message. Isn’t that fantastic how books such as Richard Bach’s ‘Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’, ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ and many others that strike a special cord with each read?

I was just wishing one of my two books would make a similar difference to someone. And Viola! I received a glowing email from a fellow author who reviewed my book ‘The Entrepreneur’s Wife – A Survival Guide’ a few hours back. Trust me – after reading the email, I think I just went over the moon and came back again – and am planning on going on an inter-galactic trip of joy! Her comment on goodreads.com came as a surprise. A pleasant one. But it was her email that really made me jump with joy!

I thought this blog would be more retrospective and introspective as the end of this year is drawing to a close – but all of a sudden – I’m looking ahead; ahead at another book; this time fiction – and not just for children. Perhaps, the drawing to a close of one year is suddenly not as significant as the lead into the next year!

So off I go! Perhaps there will be no retrospection this year. Just an open and welcoming attitude to 2018 – all set to see where life leads me, where my words find meaning, and where my thoughts might set a positive influence by way of entertainment.

Take care everyone.

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Catch you in 2018.



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